If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a narcissist, unfortunately, you know what it is like to be caged. Suddenly, your self-worth seems to diminish, if you had any, from the start. Then, you become one with your master. To some, that sentence back there may sound dark and twisted. For the controlling people out there, it is orgasmic. What struck me the hardest is the line about having an opinion. When I was in my most *dangerous* relationship, whenever I shared my thoughts, it went left. We could be having a good day. He would turn it into something else. In Lizzy Latimer’s catchy pop song, there’s a message deeper than buried deceased bodies. Knowing your worth helps you with your decisionmaking skills. It’s why I decided to review this song. It gives necessary advice.” - Richardine Bartee

Grunge Cake

We don’t need no man. We’ve got Lizzie. ‘Can’t Cage Me’ is exactly the kind of motivational voice in the back of your head that we’ve been looking for this summer. A hearty blend of Afrobeat, Hip Hop and a twinge of classical composition that roots all the way back to Lizzie’s childhood. Learning the violin at only age 3 and adding multiple instruments to that impressive list throughout the years, it’s not surprising that we’ve fallen in love with this empowering and catchy pop sensation after her first release. Lizzy has been involved in Rock bands and symphony orchestras since she was 7 and claimed her Bachelorette in Commercial Music & Production by the age of 20. All of this background shows in her production and innovation with regards to her music. This particular release even shares a little of Kyah Baby, who continues to lay down relentless, powerful bars in any track she gets her hands on. Although this is only a first release from Lizzie Latimer, the plucky 808s and catchy piano riffs screams potential. We are very excited to see what the Australian will be bringing to us next. If you would like to show your support to Lizzie for her first single release, please follow the link below. More social media will be in place in the future for her.” - Daniel Perrin

Most Addictive

New music: ‘Can’t Cage Me’ by Lizzy Latimer feat Kyah Baby Pop sensation Lizzy Latimer has a new single out entitled ‘Can’t Cage Me’ featuring Kyah Baby. It is a must listen, fusing together hip-hop, rap, and afrobeat, Latimer shares her wisdom and social awareness. Here at Fromgirltogirl, we love that she is a classically trained producer and giving us a catchy and empowering tune.“Sometimes it’s the element that most attracts a partner to you, that in the end, the partner can’t handle. You can’t clip the wings of your partner to make them stay, rather, you can improve yourself so they’ll never want to leave.I wrote this song about scenarios I have seen many times. In the cases I’ve seen, the woman’s ambition and drive is what their boyfriend/husband was drawn to, but after some time, they keep pressuring them to basically just be a house wife.” Lizzy Latimer is an accomplished musician, with a classical background and a contemporary verve. Latimer has been a violinist since age three, sings, and is a multi-instrumentalist. By age 20, she earned herself a Bachelor of Commercial Music & Production and has worked as an audio engineer and music producer ever since. Lizzy has performed in rock bands and symphony orchestras around the world, but her true loves are Hip Hop and R&B. Influenced by Afropop, Kwaito, and Dancehall, and sprinkled with her sociopolitical awareness and personal insights, her music has backbone and flair.” - Briana Booker

From Girl to Girl

Can't Cage Me - OUT NOW!